Vendor Registration

ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP)

CDP Supplier/ Vendor Registration Process

Information required for each level of registration

ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) requires Supplier/ Vendor to register at Basic level only. ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) may require vendors to provide documentation and additional information in lieu of qualifying the vendor for registration at Level 1 or 2. The level of registration and accompanying requirements are determined by the monetary value of potential contracts. The system is intuitive and will automatically only allow vendors to register for Level 1 and 2 with ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) which make use of these additional qualification levels.

Basic registration requirements

1. General information (name of company, licence number, address, telephone, details of contact persons, etc.).
2. Payment of US$ 300 Vendor/ Supplier Registration Fee.
3. Classification of your goods and services.

Level 1 requirements

4. Criteria 1-3 above.
5. Certificate of incorporation or equivalent document verifying legal status/capacity.
6. Details and email addresses of at least three independent, non-affiliated references whom you have done business with.
7. Names of owner(s) and principals (including parent company, subsidiaries/affiliates, CEO/Managing Director, and those with controlling interests, if applicable). The names of intermediaries, agents and/or consultants, (if any) used in relation to ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) contracts or bids/proposals.

Level 2 requirements

8. Criteria 1-7 above.
9. Reference letters from three independent, non-affiliated clients/companies, you have done business with. Reference letters should be in English and from three independent, non-affiliated clients/companies whom you have sold products and/or services to during the last 12 months preferably with a description of project/work undertaken; and date started/completed and value of project. Reference letters should be prepared/signed on the referee’s letterhead paper and reference should refer to the entity that is seeking registration.
10. Financial documents (audited/certified financial statements or equivalent) for the last three years.

Company Registration Statuses


ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) will only review and evaluate your Basic level registration submission at this stage. Once this process is started, you will not be able to update your company’s details and the status of your submission will be changed to ‘In progress’.

Please note that submissions for Level 1 and 2 registrations will most likely only be evaluated as part of a procurement process. The status of these registrations will thus remain 'Submitted'.

In Progress

Your company is currently being reviewed and evaluated by the ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP). You will not be able to make any changes to your profile during this stage. On average, the review and evaluation process may take up to 10 working days from submission to finalization.


The status indicates that your registration has been resubmitted for review and evaluation on the date indicated in the field. Your registration will be reviewed and re-evaluated by the ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP). On average, the review and evaluation process may take up to 10 working days from submission to finalization.


Congratulations. Your company has been registered on ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) based on the information provided on submission.

Please note that being registered on ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) procurement database means that the details of your company is part of the database of potential vendors. Please note that once the ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) confirm your registration, your company’s profile will be visible to all staff when searching for vendors.

Registration does not imply pre-qualification. Prequalification is a systematic process to determine the capacity of a manufacturer to produce a product of consistent quality in accordance with international standards and organizations’ specifications. The purpose of prequalification is to protect the buyer and the end user by ensuring good quality products are procured and distributed. This pertains specifically - but not exclusively - to products and/services for essential medicines, medical devices, condoms, contraceptives, and related commodities.

Furthermore ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP) reserve the right to further assess and evaluate your company. This may be during the tendering phase or before contract award. All registered vendors still need to submit quotations/proposals in response to tender notices and comply with quality assurance requirements, where applicable. We recommend that you check the tender notices through registered sourcing agents in Togo daily and respond to notices which correspond to your products and/or services.